Monday, October 13, 2008

Why I Believe

There are very few constants in this world. It seems like the world around me is changing so quickly. I really like to have some consistency in my life at times. But it seems so lacking always. I search for it in my life.

So why do I believe? Why do I follow? I think that the main reason I do is because I know that God loves me. It took me a long time to figure that out. For quite a while I did not really felt that God knew me. And now that I do know He knows me, I try to follow His commandments. I am praying to follow more closely. But be it known unto all, that I do not follow the teachings of the Church by blind obedience. I never have and never will. We may walk by faith, but I study things out in my mind and in my heart. Through Mormonism, I see how God knows me. I see how He loves me. I see how He will help me in all that I do.

And that's good news.

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danadu101 said...

I'm really glad of that. Everything in the scriptures tells us to seek knowledge, seek to know for yourself, to test God, to learn and grow, to ask and question. It's the only way for us to gain faith, through figuring things out for ourselves. I think that's why a lot of people experience problems when they are out on their own. you can't just have blind faith.

On the flip side, though, i know that i can trust the church no matter what, and that if i'm not understanding something, it's my own weakness. I'm so glad for prayer.. it's helped me to be able to decide for myself that things were true.