Thursday, October 30, 2008

Emma Smith and My Day

I have an unusual respect for Emma Smith. Something drew me to a video today that presented a song about Emma. I loved it. Mostly because I love Emma so much. Often she is so maligned by the members, thinking that she just gave up. I respectfully disagree. Emma didn't give up, she pressed forward in the way she could. She didn't accept Brigham, but by that logic, many of the members of the Church who did not accept Brigham after Joseph's time were all just quitters. After Joseph died, people just left or aligned with another Latter Day Denomination. I personally do not think that people who did not align with Brigham, who I do believe to be the correct successor, gave up. I think they just had a different view. To me, God will be the judge. God knows best.

My day was okay. Stress, lunch, stress, thinking about stress, lunch, birthday, cleanliness, tiredness, talking, talking, singing, singing, Spanish, Spanish.

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