Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Scriptures and 292R

Today I woke up and went to Book of Mormon. RM was sick, I felt so bad for her. She missed our Book of Mormon lesson on mercy and justice. That's the topic of her research paper. I know she would have loved it.

Today I read the scriptures in the Maesar building. I am trudging along trying to finish the Bible before the end of the year. I am getting a bit bogged down in the New Testament. Not what one would expect to hear I guess right? The Old Testament felt like a breeze. I love the Old Testament. It truly testifies of Jesus Christ and His holy mission. But I also love the New Testament so I don't know why I am getting bogged down. Possibly the amount of reading I have to do for my Book of Mormon class. I have to admit I have never actually read the BOM by myself. That's always a bit of a sore spot for me here at BYU. I always feel bad that I never really had personal daily scripture study until this year. I feel so spiritually feeble at times. But I am learning to do better. I am trying harder to understand.

292R was curious today. I didn't like it to be entirely honest. It was great until the fight between the prof and the students began. Prof Sowell warned us though. So I guess we should have expected just as much.

I also had polio today while at SarahJane's. Her roommate Casey wanted to get out of a date and I suggested polio. She didn't buy it. When I left to avoid breaking the H code, I had polio. There were noises involved.

And now I must sleep. Earlier than usual I believe.


danadu101 said...

congrats on the early bedtime..

i've never read the book of mormon through just to read it. i started doing that this summer, and made it to Alma, but then we had to start over. I've read it quite a few times, but always for a reason.. a YW/YM challenge, a YW project, our family reading.. i wanted, just once to read it without having a motivation and deadline.

Rachel said...

Aww you are so nice. And I am totally reading through your blog, at 2 Am. Silly, maybe?

I personally admire your scripture study, because I am not nearly as good as I should be. And funny fact, everytime I have started the Book of Mormon just to read it one of those challenge moments has come around. Most notably when I started and just at the end of 1st Nephi President Hinckley asked us to read the whole book. The first time I ever finished the whole book I had started, and was starting to loose steam right around those Isaiah chapters when a dear friend asked me if I had ever read it. I was singularly more embarressed to have to tell him that he, a nonmember, was farther in the BoM than I had ever gotten reading straight. I think he finished first too.
Meh. Improvement and progression, right?