Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A B.A. in English

As graduation approaches, I have been reflecting on my years at BYU. What experiences have shaped me and changed my perceptions? How does my BYU experience compare to the experiences of others? I have had a lot of positive experiences at BYU. I have also had many negative experiences. Overall, however, I would say that BYU has been the ideal place for me. I'll be graduating with  honors with a B.A. in English language and linguistics with minors in TESOL and Spanish. I've had a great educational experience here. I know people complain about BYU. Academically, however, I have received a top-notch education.

In ten years, what will I remember about BYU? I'll remember Civilization with Dr. Griggs, dine and discuss with Catherine, lunch and dinners with Rachel, the moldy milk that was left in the fridge over Christmas break my sophomore year, meeting one of my best friends that same year (Jason), inane EQ lessons, the times my car got booted, teaching at the ELC twice, great professors who really cared about me, all of my classes with Dr. Gardner, intense Spanish projects, 8 a.m. classes that I never wanted to go to, history of the English language with Dr. Hallen, the study abroad, meeting Matthew (another bestie!), moving in the middle of the semester from one apartment to another, the hurtful comments in Sunday School, living in the FLSR, teaching Sunday School in Spanish, cooking my first meal at the FLSR (everything went wrong), late nights with friends, meeting Kostya, living with Christian, enduring some difficult circumstances, taking religion classes that ranged from inane (BOM 2nd semester freshman year) to excellent (Dr. Cope), nights at El Azteca, lunches at the Slab, the best phở in town, Thai food with friends, birthdays, nights of frustration and tears, spiritual experiences, realizing the intensity of my faith, my mission call to Thailand, Thai classes, papers, oral presentations, take-home midterms and finals, my thesis, working with Dr. Anderson, getting my job at the ELC, my brief stint at the MTC, helping with tutoring at the ELC, engaging with others in discussions about Mormon feminism and gender roles in the Church, unfortunate statements by members about LGBT members/ non-members, seeing non-native speakers' faces light up with understanding when they get the grammar principle I am teaching them, making cookies for my Foundations Prep students, and so many more memories.

I don't know why I feel nostalgic. I have another two years here. I am excited to be able to continue my education here. It might be associated with the occasional negative memory, but I am glad to think that I can continue to make positive memories here.  BYU has made me who I am today. I hope to be able to continue to enjoy my experiences here and roll with the crazy!