Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Homework? Okay!

I can't believe I did not do any homework, with the exception of reading, today. I got up thinking I would. In fact I went to Book of Mormon, came back and read Oedipus and thought I had gotten a good start on homework. Things digressed from there. I ended up being social and enjoying my time here at BYU.

So tonight I have to do a bit more studying before I lay myself down to sleep. I hope I am actually able to do it. Some other highlights of today include: cell phone cakes, watching ultimate Frisbee in the cold Provo outdoors, smiles, friends, talking, bookstore visits, Welsh quiz, time flying by, and pensive thoughts about my future. I am wondering about God's plan for me. I wish I knew it.


danadu101 said...

Don't we all wish we knew God's plan? I agree.

Actually, i know part of God's plan for me.. it's just a matter of getting there that scares me to death. Tunnel singing Sunday night definitely assured me about the long-term results relating to some major fears i've been having, but not at all about the process of overcoming them. (and if you want me to be less cryptic, we can talk in person..)

Seagulljaap said...

Yes. I am curious about said fears. I am glad you read my blog. It makes me smile.

danadu101 said...

we'll have to go on another walk sometime, then.. maybe a bit earlier this time :) although, anything before 2 isn't considered late in my book anymore..