Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and George Albert Smith

Yesterday I read about George Albert Smith's battle with mental illness. Bedridden for nearly three years, George Albert Smith struggled with bouts of depression coupled with serious physical maladies. The Church doesn't mention much of this in the new Sunday School manual. I tend to believe the Church missed an opportunity in helping those who struggle with physical and mental health issues. 

But today we reflect upon the atonement of Jesus Christ. Christ lived and died for broken hearts like our own. I strongly believe that the atonement can help us to face the challenges of life. The atonement doesn't eliminate the challenges of life; the atonement, however, does alleviate the pain that arises from these challenges. George Albert Smith, like many of us, continued to face problems with his mental and physical health for the remainder of his life. Through the atonement of Christ, he was able to persevere despite his challenging circumstances. We, too, can learn from his example. 

Happy Easter.