Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Get Frustrated

Doubt and faith are not opposites. Doubt leads to faith. And doubt leads to action. I know this.

Today at BYU I felt some frustration. There are certain things that I cannot deal with at BYU. I love BYU deeply but I am feeling a bit of frustration and anger about certain things. Of course this is not the outlet to share them all, but I will say that there are certain aspects of BYU that I dislike. But I will remember what Cherie Call says "When you need a shoulder, bow your head and pray." Christ will do that for me- He will become my shoulder.

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danadu101 said...

you know, in the Work and the Glory series, i once stumbled upon one of my favorite lines. The main couple is struggling with the doctrine of pornography, and almost fall away from the church. Finally, after much praying, they realize that it is true doctrine. They visit with brother Joseph, who asks them if they have any question. Their answer, is "plenty of questions, but no doubts". Thats what I strive for. I have tons of questions. but i know the gospel is true. I wonder, i struggle, i ask, but in the end, that's what i keep coming back to. It's true, and every part of it is true, even if we don't know why.

now, what that had to do with your post, i'm not sure

danadu101 said...

crap.. not pornography.. polygamy. duh.