Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Better Title but "Laziness Abounding"

Today was a lazy lazy day in many ways. I enjoy those days but I feel so unproductive in reality. I didn't quite know what to do with myself today. I did not feel too hot for most of the day but I pressed forward anyway.

I got up and put in the roast after SarahJane texted me to remind me about it. Then I went to Mission Prep, came home and then looked up my reservations for the Eyring Pendulum court. Chantelle and I went to Pendelum Court for lunch today it was delicious. Then I had Spanish. I got an 89 on the test. I was pretty pleased, but I really want to study a lot to be able to get at least a 90 on the next one.

I visited Rachel Mize after she texted me and I went to see her newly cleaned apt. They were doing homework. After that I came home and fed SarahJane. We had a good time, as usual.

And now I am finishing up some last minute homework while my room is loud with the sounds of girls and the RA.

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danadu101 said...

i'm glad you had a lazy day... mine was surprisingly productive. not nearly as productive as tomorrow will be though.. i'm not going to come home from before book of mormon until after my jazz class, i don't think. yay fun.
Lazy days are nice.. just not when you have a whole week of them in a row, like i did last week. Crazy Homecoming.. it took up wayyyy too much time. at least it was worth it.