Sunday, October 5, 2008

And I Be Provo Bound Again

I love Provo in many ways. Coming back here to the lovely city where I have met so many friends finally was a wonderful experience. I think I will enjoy my time at BYU. I have decided to make the best of my experience here and try to focus on the positive aspects of BYU.

Conference was quite amazing. I was surprised by the lack of mention of SSM. The messages were all wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it. In many ways I can't believe that I am actually saying that. If I were where I was even two years ago, I would not have said that. But now I have come to appreciate my faith for what it is: The Truth. Jesus Christ was a central focus this conference, more so than usual even. And one of the greatest lessons I learned was that Jesus is the Truth, Light, and the Way. I cherish his sacrifice.

As for now, I must sleep and try to stay focused.

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