Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Interesting Linguistics Survey

1. What term do you prefer for a sale of unwanted items in front of your house, usually on a weekend?
2. What do you call the long sandwich that contains cold cuts, lettuce, etc.?
3. What do you call the insect that flies around in summer and glows in the dark?
4. What is your general term for the rubber-soled shoes worn in gym class or for athletic activities?
5. What is the item called that you turn to let water come out into the hose?
6.  What do you call the wheeled contraption for getting groceries?
7. What term do you use for something that is diagonally across the street from you at an intersection?
8.  What do you call putting the sheets,  blankets, and pillows in the right place when you get up in the morning?
9. What do you call paper that has already been used for something or is imperfect?
10. What is your general term for a big road that you drive relatively fast on, separated from cars going the other way?
11. What is it when you are cold, and little points of skin come on your arms & legs?
12.  What do you call the stuff that collects in the corner of your eye when sleeping?
13.  What do you call the box you bury a dead person in?
14. What do you call the sweet spread one puts on a cake?
15.  What do you call the small road parallel to a highway?
16.  What is your term for a sweetened carbonated beverage?
17. What do you carry things home in from the grocery store?
18.   What do you call a warm top often worn in winter?