Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tired but Thankful

Today I woke up earlier than usual. I didn't know why but then I remembered that I had to get the sack lunches to Dallin's apt before my Book of Mormon class. I went to BOM and found it to be okay. I was a bit tired but I went to bed earlier last night than I had in the past. It felt amazing. Poor Sam stayed up until 4 or so I was told by Geoff. I felt bad that he had to stay up writing his paper for so long. Mine was finished and ready pretty much by Sunday. My Civ paper is still undergoing revising and other changes.

Today I really felt so thankful for my experience at BYU. I am trying harder to learn. God is helping me along the way as I am learning to balance my social, spiritual, and secular development. It is a difficult path. Straining at times but I am learning to overcome my challenges.

My Spanish test was hard but I think I did okay. At this point any grade will do for me though. I also enjoyed Civ today, an unusual development. And now I am SarahJane's apartment enjoying her company, as usual. We are about to read scriptures together before we say goodnight to one another.

And now we read.

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