Monday, November 17, 2008

Prone To Wander

I feel prone to wander. I often feel as if somehow I am wandering from here to there. Searching for purpose and direction. But I am finding it. I really am. So I am happy. I felt a bit like weeping tonight, if only for the reason to just weep. I like to have a good cry once in a while. There is something refreshing about it. Almost cathartic. Scratch that. Wholly cathartic.

Church was okay today. More Prop 8 business. I have to learn to ignore it. But it is hard when I feel like the Church I cherish is under attack and I want everyone to be loving and for the Church to be loved. Unfortunately, this is an unrealistic expectation. Besides Church I felt like playing the piano. The hymns of Zion comfort me. Dinner with FHE sisters was quite good. I was happy about that. Talked to Mother and David. I am so excited to go home and spend more time with them! I really don't think we appreciate how much we love people until we are away from them. Now take that missing/loving and multiply it by 2 years. Ouch. That's going to be tough as I would proclaim in my singing voice.

Sleep. Bread. Happiness. Joy. They all sound good.

Now for the comment thread idea that I feel like I should do today. Tell me your favorite hymn or religious song and why.

Mine is Arise Oh God and Shine because it is so bright and happy and expresses my feelings about God.


Elise Decker said...


My favorite hymn is "If You Could Hie to Kolob" because it is so beautiful and talks about the wonders of God and just how incredible SPACE is...and about eternity and how there is no end to love and spirit and everything that is wonderful!

Janessa said...

Alright well since I don't know many religious songs or hymns, I'll just go with the one song that I'm aware of (even if it's a primary song):

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

Pretty sure my cousins and I would all run around together singing this when we were younger and it was such a hoot!!