Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fiery, Burning Hatred

I am feeling a bit more whiney tonight, so I will enlighten you all with my rant about the fact that Civilization Class, a class that I so frequently attend, is of the red fiery,burning place. Literally. Let me just say preparing for 20 possible 10 minute presentations is about the equivalent of cutting of your hand and then being asked to write an essay on Ante-Bellum French economic conditions and how they impact France to this day and also how this all relates to the purpose of the universe. It is not possible. Not possible. Ever. Even if you had an eternity to do it. This is absurd. I am so upset about this, I cannot begin to express my hatred towards this class. I never will be able to express it. Let it burn. Let it burn again and again.

Here's what else I have to worry about. Great works response, argument paper, Civ paper, BOM paper, Spanish test, Welsh Game, Piano, Laundry, Sleep, Spirituality, God, Love, Homework, blah blah blah.

Today I tried my hardest to work but I found it hard. I did my Spanish mostly and got it. Went to English and Mission prep-Celebration. Bookstore vent- as usual. Then homework. Then I was at SarahJane's and we had good enchiladas. I love how SarahJane feeds me. I want to feed her more. Maybe after things calm down, I will manage to do it. I am just pressing forward til Thanksgiving. That's the goal. That's the hope. That's the plan. Endure until then and you can do anything. Manage time better! Manage it better! RIGHT NOW. Do it or die. That's the only option. No time for socialization when you have the Civ test from hell and the various parts that go along with it. My roommate just came in to complain with me. It was a bonding moment. Seriously the worst test ever. He is dressing up as Griggs. That makes me happy. We have a Griggs sock puppet. In fact, we have many sock puppets.

So here's to the test from HELL. In 10 years, I will remember that time I had that class that was... the BANE of my FRESHMAN existence. That and the crazy Mormons. And that time I apparently offended someone more than they had ever been. But AF is leaving BYU. Disneyworld anyone?


Elise Decker said...

I hear you...I think I had about five emotional breakdowns today!

Janessa said...

I feel your pain. My professor for writing is having us make 3-D sculptures of our "utopia" and then having us write a paper on why we chose those. I don't get what that has to do with literature however and it's rather aggravating.