Friday, November 14, 2008

New Blog Title

I am brainstorming ideas for a new blog title. I loved Jacob's Musings, but sometimes I like a little change of pace. Right now I have it as "Little Town, Full of Little People." But to be entirely honest, I am still thinking of a new title to give my blog. It would better express my feelings about life in general. I like life. A lot. But some days I have to realize that it is only for now.

I feel as if my experience at BYU will be a springboard for a new period in my life. I am a 19 year-old Mormon male, on the verge of going on a mission- God willing. Of course, I won't be leaving until after Winter Semester, but it still approaches faster than I would like it to. I don't feel old enough. I never will probably. Part of me feels like I will never grow up. I don't feel prepared enough to share some of these things. It is not that I doubt, per se, while doubt is very much a part of my religious experience. It is more that I don't know how to express myself and bear testimony. It will be a curious day.

Here's the rest of my day: Woke up and did something I didn't have to do for Honors 150, went to it without showering, visited Jessie-Megan-Stella-Madison-Rochelle's apt to help with finding LDS artist for Madison, found out my Spanish section was cancelled, got a new section, trying to decide if I should take it or what I should do with my schedule, napped, napped, got up, Civ movie lab- too long, Lawrence of Arabia was not in that kind of mood today, leaving early, rice, homework, love sack, wassail, random thoughts, random concerns, listening to music, wasting time,etc. And now I need to sleep. But we will see if that actually happens.

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Elise Decker said...

you think you're not ready for the thought of a fast approaching mission? try the thought of a fast approaching marriage....THAT is too weird...