Friday, November 21, 2008

Press Forward with Hope of Thanksgiving- I Will Sing of My Redeemer= Oh My Father

Today was my last day of having assignments! I finished my Honors 150 presentation (we got a 45/50- I was pleased!) and then I came home and "slept" for a couple hours. Got up to have lunch with Rachel Mize and Dani, that was a joy in general. Then I talked to Lauren, Krista, and Ashley in their kitchen-random, got a call from SarahJane, went back to my place to make Swedish Brownies while she sat on the massage chair- love it. We talked, I listened, she listened. Our days- random happenings, etc. Then the movie class with pizza, the TA's enjoyed my brownies, along with everyone else. They were gone in a snap. My friend Krista was shocked how good they were. She loved them. Babettes Feast!- One of my new favorite films I think. I enjoyed it. Came back to hang with Katie and children, excursion to library, sniffing the books. Came back- Dark Knight plans destroyed- no cars!, watched Hitch- a rather interesting movie, not a huge fan but not majorly opposed. Then the Seagull Book Catalog- the mail. I almost died of joy. So much Mormon product. Can't hold in joy.

Anyway, bread calls.

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