Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Day

It's now my turn to blog a bit about my day. Today was my birthday of course. It was a good day. I was quite happy and pleased with it. Let's go through play by play.

I woke up this morning. Earlier than I needed to, of course. Daylight savings time always messes everything up. Sam was getting ready for Church and our alarms went off almost simultaneously. I lay in bed. I missed Elise's phone call. She sang me Happy Birthday on her phone. I showered. Sang. Thought about what I was fasting for. Love, peace, fellowship among the Saints and sinners among us. May the sinners come to a realization of their God and Lord and repent. May the Saints realize their weaknesses and come unto God and forsake themselves of all ungodliness. Church. Sacrament meeting. Good spirituality, no mention of Prop 8. Priesthood is what got me. I can't handle Prop 8 stuff anymore. I became frustrated. I will admit it. I support the brethren. But on this issue, I am torn. Officially torn. If I were in California, I do not know that I would vote Yes on Prop 8. I pray for love. Tolerance. Acceptance of opinion, not of sin. God knows His saints are not about to win any popularity contests. They shouldn't. I know I shouldn't. But I am a softie. I want everyone to feel loved and to be loved so that God can show His glory to them. That way they can change. Become true Saints. Sunday school was good. Got out early. Talked to Katie about things. Prophets and weaknesses- I can't think they are just men in touch with God.

Break the fast. Singing. Chicken, rice, sauce,etc. CES fireside. Rachel and I talking. Laughter. Then. Everything. From the candles in the blueberry muffins to Feliz CumpleaƱos cookies. A card with Amy Adams as Giselle. Hooray. Preference asking involving extensive puns.

Praying for my friend. Fasting for her too. All will be well. All will be well.

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