Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jacob's Greatest Concern and Would You Consecrate?

So lately I have noticed a change in my interaction with someone. Is it the stress of life? What is going on exactly? Maybe a nice break from school will bring everything back to normal? Was it something that I said? Was it something that I did? I don't really understand. I feel like something is up but I don't dare ask. But things seem fine sometimes? I don't know. People are just very confusing. That's my greatest concern

Anyway, today was one of those acceptable days. I woke up a little later than I thought I would. Showered after revising my paper. Took it to Virginia after a little bowl of cereal. She liked it and I think it is her turn to grade my paper. That will make me smile and be happy. I like Virginia even though she seems tough sometimes. I think she is fair and intelligent. She is always so willing to help too. Anyway... Honors 292R thesis panel- interesting but hard to follow, then library and reading Nibley and finishing up my paper. Then Civ- consecration of books anyone? And Piano- 3:15 rather than 3:00, easier to get to. Talking to Krista and Lauren about it. Katie- it will be tough. Playing with broom. Megan and her BLOBS. All the joy. All the joy. All the confusion and confusion. Tiredness. Jacob is going to take a nap tomorrow, that's for sure.

And now I must sleep.

Sigh. At least

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