Thursday, November 13, 2008

And Life's Seemingly Simple Hardnes

Life lately has seemed so hard. It is not like I am unhappy. I feel really happy for most of the day, but then the stress kicks in and that doesn't make me terribly happy. Right now I feel like a nice cup of tea and a full nights sleep. I am going to go to bed soon. I am so tired of this day.

Woke up, showered, Book of Mormon- I am not as big of a fan as everyone else, but I still like it, Honors 292R Color Code, talks, Civ stres, Civ stress, Civ Stress, CIV STRESS, Civ presentation, not too bad- A-, Piano- My Poor Teacher! I will keep her in my thoughts, she is really stressed!, Welsh games, thinking about taking Welsh again, coming home after the cougar eat and a stop in the library, eating my delicious salad, watching TV, SarahJane's class hours- since she is a multiple credit class, Catherine too!, The Office, Creamery and Margo, seeing one of my secret crushes- if only she didn't have a boyfriend, saldría con ella, etc, etc. And now I really need to sleep.

But before I do, I want to comment on how life seems so hard but it seems so simple sometimes. Life throws you for a loop too often. It seems so hard but becomes easy and vica versa. I am not really in the mood to be thrown for a loop. Repetitively. But I must admit I like it being easier than I think. I just wish I could decide on Welsh 102 or Civ 202?

I will wait. And watch.

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SarahJane said...

ya that's right... except my credit hours i think should be first priority... unless you want to fail