Saturday, November 8, 2008

Preference, Bruises, and Naps- The Egyptians would have made good Mormons too.

Today was one of those days where I did not want to get out of bed on time. I would have rather stayed in bed for at least an hour and half longer. But I got out of bed, refused to take a shower, went to class, came back and listened to Legally Blonde for a bit, went to Cannon Center for Lunch with SarahJane. We ran into Carly, Romm, and Spencer, which was delightful of course. SarahJane told me about some happenings in her life that made me so happy. I couldn't even contain myself when I was walking with her, I was so excited for her. That's the best thing about friendships. You finally come to the realization that you love your friends so much that their joys become your joys, your joys become theirs. Also, their sorrows become yours, yours become theirs. I am grateful for friends. Saw Margo and SarahJane.

Then I took a nap. That was nice but I was running late for Civ. Walked there with Krista and Lauren. Griggs lecture was so interesting. I loved it because the Egyptians basically would have been/were Mormons. Three heavens, garments, endowments, baptism, etc. it all fits quite interestingly into the Mormon scheme of things. I think this lecture would have been even better if we were all endowed. I think the endowment will be fascinating. I really love this idea of being gifted with power from on high, mostly because I crave that so much. So I was a fan. Longer than needful, but still good.

Then we went to eat, progressive dinner Cougar Eat. Games, giggling. Ice skating after, dancing, eating, me falling a lot, scared to skate, loving the skating but hating the falling, wishing I could actually do it. Rachel hurting her poor foot. We drank hot cider and talked. I liked it a lot. Rachel is such a good friend, we had such a good time.

Came home. Played some hymns. I needed some alone time today. I needed it. And now I need sleep.

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