Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chip on My Shoulder

I woke up today to a surprise. Proposition 8 passed. To be entirely honest, I was quite shocked. This is not the end of the fight, I assure you. There will be more legal battles than you can imagine. I don't think Prop 8 will stick but only time will tell. The surprising thing is how close it was/wasn't. I mean it was a dead heat for most of it, but it appears that it passed by enough of a margin to make it clear early on that it was going to pass. I will be curious to see how the 18,000 unions that have already happened will be handled.

Today was a pretty good day. Snow in Provo. Woke up on time to get out of the house by 8:35 to make it to class. Turned in our research papers, watched Obama and McCain's speeches. I was impressed by Obama to be honest, but something about his reminds me of some sort of "rhetrickery". And right now I am having a hard time differentiating between Spanish and English punctuation. I just realized it when I wrote that last sentence. Anyway. I went to mission prep, got confused by Bro. Bott and his view on Prop 8. It really is a testing period for the Church I think. As if the Church needed more testing, right? But in my opinion, I think how we respond in this situation will determine a lot. When we decide to follow the prophet or not, we do not leave our brains at the door. Proposition 8 proved to me that you can be a faithful Mormon and either support the prophet or still sustain the brethren but disagree with them on this issue. Ultimately, I think we have to take our question to the source. I definitely think there is a wise and glorious purpose for the Church's actions even if I will never understand them in mortality. I will press forward either way. In the end, I hope to cause no pain to anyone, but I realize that in pursuit of what I believe to be moral, I cannot always, in every situation be popular.

After mission prep, I wandered to the bookstore as usual. Looked around for a bit. I am starting to think about Christmas. Then I came home and saw that my Facebook note was still attracting many comments. It still is. Over 40 and still counting. Varying opinions, as stark as you can imagine. I stayed on Facebook for a bit then wrote my letter for Spanish. Then I went to the creamery and bought 14 dollars worth of groceries. Came home. Ate pizza. Went to Spanish. Enjoyed it, as usual. Coming along on that minor I think. I can't wait to take more Spanish. I would highly recommend my Prof. I really love Professor Fails! He is great. I would love to take an upper level Spanish class from him. After Spanish, I came home, texting Elise about BYU attitudes. I also texted RM and we had dinner together. Spaghetti, grapes, carrots, herbal tea. It was delicious. We watched the Simpsons.

Then we went to the missionary fireside for my class. It was great. I loved it. I felt bad cause at one point I was texting my friend about Prop 8 and one of my friends turned to me and asked me to stop texting. I wasn't offended, I actually felt way bad and got that guilty feeling I always get. Silly Jacob texting. Silly silly bad child.

Listening to Legal Blonde. I like this Chip on my Shoulder song. I feel like I have a chip on my shoulders at times. But not really. I just felt like that would be a good blog title. Being here at BYU, I feel inadequate sometimes. Everyone is so smart and has done so many great things. Then there's me. At least I have silliness to back me up.

Came home, practiced the piano, thought about how much candy I ate today. Oh well. And now it is almost time for bed.

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Elise Decker said...

jacob, i thought you were going to mention harriet and me in your post today!! haha, i found your blog!