Monday, November 10, 2008

It's All a Blur

Today feels like one of those days that went by like a blur. I remember going to English-waking up later than I would have liked, Mission Prep- companion honeymoon, cleaning, cleaning, homework, Spanish homework, thinking, cleaning. Then I went to a meeting with Toni, my peer mentor, but I had to run to Teriyaki Sticks right before to get some curry because I was starving. Then I went to Spanish- I did okay on the test,I got an 88, and the verb quiz wasn't too bad- I think I got a 100. I also did fairly well on my composition, I got minus nine. I am happy with that class, I like learning Spanish with Professor Fails quite a bit. He is really a good professor and teaches us well. Stressful though? Yes. Very much so. I find myself stressed out all the time because of that class.

Then after that I went to the Creamery, came home, went to FHE, played phase 10 for ten seconds, saw SarahJane, went to the Creamery with her, etc. etc.

Today really is merely a blur and I have nothing insightful to say. I thought about blogging about LDS history, but I am a bit too tired for that as of right now. So, if you are reading this right now, forgive my incoherence.

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