Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Which Jacob Becomes an Hermit

Today was one of those days where most of it was occupied by sleeping, lounging about, showering, Cafe Rio and Jamba Juice, followed by more sleeping. I tried to read Cry, The Beloved Country, but found myself falling asleep while reading it. I don't know why I felt more like sleeping today than usual. I think I am slightly sick but not enough to cause any kind of concern. I am mostly just worn out and ready for a nice break, involving real food- like vegetables and the likes. I really am so sick of eating terribly here. I can't wait to eat well again. I try to eat well, but turns out it is hard to do so everyday. I need to start planning meals, less eating out, more eating in, and less stress. Let's hope I can do it. I think I can. I hope I can. Hermitage today= pure joy.

Anyway, I am going to read a bit before bed and then I will be able to get up tomorrow on time. Last Sunday before going home!

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