Saturday, February 7, 2009

To Choose that Good Part

I have often felt like a Martha. Forget the fact that I am a man or that I am not a housewife, I just empathize with Martha. I often feel troubled about a lot of things in my life. Often people who don't know me very well perceive my life as problem-free, as I have a fairly cheerful and happy exterior. In fact, I really don't ask too much of people and I try to be as loving as I can.

Often I get troubled about things in my life. I have problems, I sin, and I fall down. Often I resolve to deal with these issues on my own, praying unto God to give me the will to be able to do it. Lately, however, I have come to a realization. In my hurry-burry life at BYU, I have become more and more like a Martha. I am troubled and worried. I often languish because the answers in my life aren't immediate. I don't know why I am challenged with the things that I am and as I try to seek the answers, the only thing I get is comfort. Often I feel like I should have more than this. Today I began to realize, as I write this post, that perhaps comfort is the best answer at this point. It may not be the most acceptable answer to someone who continually seeks for solid, hard facts, but it will do. Maybe, in the end, I am not supposed to know the answers right now. In time, they will come. I pray.

I resolve to be less of a Martha and choose that "Good Part"- feasting upon the comfort and the words of my Savior.

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