Monday, February 16, 2009

Sabai Dee

So today I have been listening to this. A lot.

so close - Enchanted - Thai Version.mp3 -

And I finally understand one word! Sabai dee means fine, thanks. Dee appears to indicate a word for good/well/fine/happy. I couldn't believe it. Amidst all the tonal things that I couldn't even begin to understand, I picked up my first bit of Thai conversation. A simple phrase? Yes. But a phrase! This is a small victory in SeagullJaap's book. I am still listening to Thai obsessively but I have been getting back on the homework track. I just had to blog today since I haven't blogged recently. I am still so excited to go to Thailand so I have been a pretty good child lately. I have tried my best to keep the commandments and to VLOGROP everything. I have been trying my best to be focused on what God wants me to do. I feel so different from how I felt before my mission call. I feel more restless but more loving and more compassionate. I am praying this continues.


Catherine Agnes said...

This is better in Thai than in English. He even manages to make the long nnnnnnn sounds musical.

I like the post-mission-call Jacob even better than the pre-mission-call Jacob, and that's saying something.

PolarBeccaBear said...

What is VLOGROP?


Seagulljaap said...

Virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy!

It's a verb meaning to evaluate everything for those qualities.