Sunday, February 1, 2009

If Ye Have Desires To Serve, Ye Are Called

Nervous? That's an understatement. Excited? That's another one of the aforementioned. My emotions right now are pretty hard to explain. Part of me is very anxious in a good way, while another part of me cannot emotionally process this moment in my life. I think it all relates to my refusal for almost 5 years to serve a mission at all.

I remember the day where I finally decided. It was the day of my Yearbook Stomp, I think. I had had my cell phone for a very brief time. I felt the Spirit, for some reason, tell me that this was something I needed to do. I texted my friend in my ward and told him. He was happy. I was scared. And excited. And happy. Ultimately, my decision wasn't really a social pressure one, even though I thought it would come down to that. In 2008, I saw a lot of changes in myself that caused me to want to serve a mission. I wanted to testify of Jesus Christ, express my love for my Father in Heaven, who has changed me, and because I love my fellow men. I still have these desires. They have become a part of who I am.

I have a desire to serve and love my God.

On a slightly lighter note, here are 10 places I would love to serve.

1. Argentina- Obsessed with Argentina.
2. Chile- Chile would be cool.
3. Spain- The Motherland.
4. Mexico- I love Mexicans!
5. ASL California or Washington D.C.- I fist to lips, kissed then released (love) ASL.
6. Iceland- Inordinate obsesion with Iceland.
7. Sweden- My friend says Sweden would be pefect for me.
8. Russia?- That one's a shocker. It just sounds so interesting.
9. China-I always said I would go to China.
10. France- French is just cool.


PolarBeccaBear said...

I'm SOOO excited for you!
Russia sounds cool, in my opinion.
Preferably Siberia. ;]

Buuut, that's just me. =P

Good luck with everything! =]

Michelle said...

I can't imagine the loss to the church if you didn't go! Hmm, all good choices. How 'bout Africa?

Catherine Agnes said...

My vote goes to Sweden because it's been way hard to see ward members called to Norway and Denmark but none to Sweden and because you would be perfect there and because it's an awesome country.

But if that doesn't work out I think ASL in California would be great, or Iceland.

Excited to see where you end up.

PolarBeccaBear said...

Yes, but there is no way in the WORLD I can get in. It was just a long shot sort of thing... Longer than BYUI, that's for sure. And BYUI is a pretty loooong shot.

But. You never know. Although I'm pretty certain, because of my grades in school, really.

It took me a year off from school for me to understand the meaning of 'work ethic'. =/

Silly meee. But hopefully I won't be punished for past mistakes, especially since I've learned my lesson so well...


SarahJane said...

you are adorable! i am sooo excited for you to get your call, yet not at the same time :( But you will be amazing! and i cant wait to write you !