Monday, February 23, 2009

A Quick Blog on Lent

My Lent this year. First time I am actually doing Lent. I am still working out the details of my Lent.

But at least 5 days a week- Bed by 10:30 up by 6:30. I am hoping it works. It's my sacrifice. And to get me accustomed to missionary time.

Pray for me to make it work?

And also, I can know recognize the word koon in Thai songs. It means you.


Janessa said...

I remember last year when tested the waters on Lent. I was actually quite grateful to give it up, although it was difficult at times.

You and I can keep each other motivated this year though!

Catherine Agnes said...

If you would just give up this lent thing you could join my church. It would help you fit in better at BYU.

JBF. 42 cups of love and applause for your impressive sacrifice of late nights and late mornings.