Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seagull Book, Cafe Rio, Black Orpehus Again

Today DB, RM, and I went to Seagull Book. We walked to it from our apartment to Seagull Book in the pouring rain. It almost felt like a kind of baptism somehow. We bought a few things, namely the Jack Christianson CD, some chocolate, Downeast basics, Mini missionaries, and pictures. I enjoyed the feel of the Seagull. I talked to the employees a little bit. They were both very nice. It is interesting to have worked in the business and now see how things work as a customer compared to an employee.

After that we went to Cafe Rio, came home, and took naps. Then I went to see Black Orpheus again with DS and RM. We enjoyed it. I liked it better the second time around. But someone did get mad as us for talking. I was also texting Cha Cha throughout the movie. I learned that 30% of Brazil has some African blood in them.

We also had a fun serious talk, I read my personal narrative to some friends. HM was adorable and got teary eyed.


Dana said...

today was tons of fun.. i wish i could have been there for your guys' whole talk, though... i want to read your personal narrative sometime, if that's okay.. you can read mine, but it's kind of silly..

Seagulljaap said...

I would love to read yours and share mine with you again!