Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The New Way of the Blog, Eternal Progression, Writing Class

I find myself enjoying writing in a blog for five minutes a day, per the assignment given by my Honors 150 teacher. There is almost something therapeutic about it. I hope I can keep up with the pace. The blog is quite the outlet as well. I don't give my blog address away readily, so there is some sense of anonymity, but not so much that some readers don't know who I am.

Today in Religion 130, we had quite the spiritual lecture. I am beginning to enjoy that class more and more. We discussed the Plan of Salvation in quite a bit of depth, and then we discussed our futures if we are faithful. Bro. Bott taught us that we must realize how much Satan really knows us. And while I have heard this before, for some reason this really hit me today. I don't know exactly why. Satan wants to destroy us and make us forget our potential. He wants us to suffer and become miserable. God, on the other hand, (who Brother Bott taught us is a priesthood office consisting of a man and a woman, a very unique doctrine in the world) wants us to be successful.

And today I met the granddaughter of the founder of Seagull Book and Tape in my Writing class. The only reason it came up is because we were doing an exercise where I mentioned what was in my "bag" that represents my life. One of my things was my Seagull Book apron. She asked me and all the sudden I got really excited. She is in my ward and freshman academy. I am very excited to get to know her. She works at Covenant on their latest products. I can't believe I finally met someone who understands my product obsession.

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