Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Longer Blog, at Least I Hope

Today was one of those days that seemed to go by in a blur. One moment I wake up and my computer appears to be working again and the next moment I am here at 12:35 writing a blog entry again. I want to write something a little more substantial but I do not know that I have the energy.

I woke up late. My night at the Llyfrgell Harold B. Lee turned out to be rather eventful, I enjoyed the stress of walking there at 15.95- 30% list only to be able to finish one response paper for my Honors 150 class. But it worked out for the best. Spencer was kind enough to let me use his computer while mine rested and printed off the papers for me this morning. I really appreciated that.

I saw AF today. I really realized how much I do not like the way AF acts a lot of the time. I harbor no hard feelings, as I have already made evident, but I really feel like I am looked down upon by AF. But I feel better about things now. I feel at peace with my decision.

I talked in Spanish for an hour with a friend. I am grateful to be able to speak in Spanish. I am praying for something in the next year.

I have a piano lesson tomorrow right after Civilization. I am really quite excited. Ms. Messick sounds nice. I eagerly await to take lessons from her!

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