Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The MOA, Welsh, and Stress

Today I went to the MOA for lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I must admit. I got a salad with some soup that was quite delicious. The MOA is pretty expensive, however, and should be a once or twice a week treat, if that. I enjoyed the company and the food.

Welsh was good today as well, we learned some grammar that I can't understand and watched a movie about the history of Wales/Welsh. Along with treats and no real homework I can't complain.

I am stressed to the max, I will not lie. I have a test tomorrow, two papers to write, and 7 hours to sleep. All in all, I feel tired and frustrated. I have to start my Civ paper over again tomorrow and take it to the writing lab to get it all nice and polished. Let's hope I can stay awake.

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