Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Sunday Gems

So today was a good day at Church. I bore my testimony. I avoided the thankamony for the most part, but I did talk a little bit about Thailand. Then and again I can't get two sentences out without talking about Thailand. Here are some Sunday Gems (funny and serious) from today.

1. I would like to bear testimony of the cleared sidewalk.
2. The traditional testimony bearer who takes 10 minutes to tell stories. She has a testimony, so why not share it?
3. The excellent testimony about her symposium paper and the missionaries. She even mentioned my name! I felt so happy.
4. Mormons are feeble minded- My Sunday School teacher proposed that Mormons are feeble minded people who are "humble" enough to accept the Gospel. Does humble mean stupid? Please. Someone let me know.
5. Life is a beach, then you drown.


Janessa said...

I don't believe she meant humble to be a derogatory term, more as an expression of removing the layers put on by everyday life in order to search deeper for the true meaning of the Gospel.

That wasn't a very good explanation so hopefully someone can clarify. I think it was to be interpreted in the kindest regard though.

Seagulljaap said...

I think the thing that was lame about it, is this guy suggested that no smart person would ever accept the Gospel. The phrasing was bad.

Catherine Agnes said...

#5 is funny in spite of being the appearance of evil!