Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Musings

So lately I have been so swamped I haven't known what to do with myself. Here are some happinesses and sadnesses. I like to look at both sides. First the sadnesses:

1. ASL 15 hour project still looming.
2. My BOM test- I am genuinely thinking there must have been a mistake. My score is too low compared to last time ( I seriously got above 95 last time). Also the number next to it made no sense whatsoever, I still can't figure that out. I think this is the deciding factor, though not the ultimate factor, that has made me realize that I don't really like Brother Parrish's class all that much. It feels like seminary rehashed, is spiritual at times, but often lacks depth and he goes off on bizarre tangets. I love him as a guy- he has a great personality but I would never recommend him as a teacher. I am also highly dissapointed that the Honors section is no different than the regular section. He would make an excellent seminary teacher but as a religion teacher I am giving him two thumbs down.
3. Other stressors are getting to me. I am so burnt out and ready to leave BYU for the summer. It's absurd.


1. Taco bell is delicious.
2. Thailand is incredible. I love it more everyday. Really.
3. School is over in less than a month!
4. I finished my 8 page Spanish Paper rough draft!
5. As of right now I have an A in Spanish linguistics- Professor Alvord is great.
6. Church history is fascinating.
7. ASL is pretty fun despite it being a major source of my frustration this semester.
8. American Humanities with Sederholm is a riot! I love him! He is hilarious!
9. Keele is still great.
10. Hotel Rwanda tomorrow.
11. Thai tomorrow!
12. Thailand!
13. Father in Israel
14. My family is great. I really am going to miss them a lot.
15. Did I already mention Thailand?


Catherine Agnes said...

You have 5 times as many happinesses as sadnesses, evidence of your awesomeness.

Madd Town said...

Thailand will have no idea what hit it. Hahaha. (That's a good thing.)

daine said...

Hotel Rwanda is crap. Don't get your hopes up too much.

Glad to see you have so many happinesses.