Thursday, January 15, 2009

99th Post

So looking back at my blog, it is fun to see how I have progressed this year. From better study habits, somewhat, to more liberal political views, to an ever increasing understanding of my baptismal covenants and the covenants I will shortly be making in the temple. I am eager for the temple, as most 19-year old Mormon guys are. I think that it will give me a new perspective on my baptismal covenants, which I take very seriously. Or at least I hope and pray I do.

I am pondering my 100th post- Everlasting Burnings. I may not blog for a bit and try to write that everyday and get it up to par. Or I may write a new narrative on my Prop 8 experience. Since I am more set in my ways about it and have come to perceive it quite differently than when the Church first announced it in June of 2008, that would be a great narrative. I would probably call it November 2, 2008, which is, of course, my birthday. I remember when our stake president came into our elder's quorum and asked for a group prayer for Prop 8. I did not like this. At all. I thought it was very inappropriate and entirely unnecessary. I didn't really talk about it on my birthday blog, but here's the link, to refresh your memory.

But I don't have much else to say. School is going well. Spanish got cancelled today due to some family issue with Prof Alvord. I am now practicing some ASL and taking it easy before class at 4. So all is well.

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