Monday, December 1, 2008

So I fell a little behind

Tonight, I need to blog a bit about the weekend and use this tie to get back into the swing of the blog. I won't take long since I am busy, obviously, with finals coming up and other tests to deal with.

Sunday- hard time getting up, talk, priests quorum, dinner, SarahJane and Carson drove me home, tunnel singing, trying to offer comfort, etc.

Today- Got up, Honors 150, Missionary Prep, lunch at the Skyroom- amazing, studying and working on my composition in the library, SarahJane read scriptures, Spanish class, 87/100 on the test- good enough for me, verb quiz on saber- I think I got 100%. I really like Prof Fails! He makes Spanish fun and interesting. FHE at our place- Jason gave a lesson on scripture study and we all gave our favorite scripture, 12 days of Christmas for a certain group in our ward. Civ 4, homework, Facebook, blogging, and in the next few minutes reading and bread. To bread to bread I think.

Anyway, I am feeling good ish. I got called out at tunnel singing by this guy in my ward for having my phone out. Let me just vent now and say I was upset- I was texting someone who is having a terrible time- but I really don't care. I just need to learn to give up the pettiness. It will come.

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