Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Bible and the Most Random Post. Ever.

I am trying to read the Bible before the end of the year, so in order to finish that goal I better keep this post short. Let me discuss some of the things I need to get done here or what I have done or what I plan to do next year. In other words this is a random post... of 10 things.

1. Snickerdoodles at one in the morning- Abby, Andrew, Graham, Spencer, Emiline, SarahJane, Liz- it was glorious.
2. The Conversion of Jeff Williams for the third time- I love this book because it depicts Mormon boys the way they are, not the way they seem.
3. The Bible- Paul is talking about lots of good stuff. I have got to hurry.
4. D&C- I want to read this this year. I also want to read the Book of Mormon
5. I want to make a book-list to see if I can read it. I think Civ will require a lot of reading but I am hoping I can have recreational reading time, if I manage my time correctly.
6. I want peace on earth. I am a sucker like that.
7. Better friendships and more meaningful discussion
8. Controversy and Editorial Writing
9. Exercise to vent.
10 MORE piano practicing.

So that's that.

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