Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anger and Sadness in a Vat of Prayer

So I got some feedback on my Book of Mormon paper today. I didn't really like what he had to say, despite the fact that it was true. My Book of Mormon teacher has set me off a little bit, he is too intense, not terribly personable, despite being a good teacher. So many of my friends are "ga-ga" whereas, I am not really happy with him always. I can't tell if he is too conservative in his views or if I am just being picky. I also can't get that "put your phone away" comment out of my mind. Which is vaguely related to this. I like BYU but ultimately, I think I have to learn to disengage from people who are going to cause me to become angry. That's the balance between anger and love. I have to do both. Somehow.

And today, Elder Wirthlin died. I was very, very sad. His talks on charity touched me deeply and always will be touching to me. His influence, for me, was possible the greatest of any General Authority for some reason. I didn't always like his talks, but there is something about some of his statements that really comfort me and offer me hope. I cherish his memory and hope that many will come unto Christ due to his writings and talks. I am also praying that President Monson chooses someone from South America or Mexico. That has been my prayers for months. Years. I am praying so hard for it. Maybe my prayers will be in vain. But please, please, please, let's hope they come true. I have faith that eventually we will have one, but I am praying extra hard this time- and I mean I am thinking about it always.

So, my sadness and anger are in a vat of prayer. I am going to be praying a lot these next few weeks.

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