Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An April Fools Day Not To Forget

So today was one big happiness after another. First of all I had Church history which was excellent, ASL which was amazing- I found out that I can do 4 No Voice Lab Hours can be the Deaf Ward and ASL General Conference. So there was much joy there. Then I had BOM which was wholly acceptable because I was already in a good mood. Then I had Sederholm's class. I love Sederholm. He's so funny, personable and just an amazing teacher all around. So after class we got our papers back. I had been so stressed out about my Spanish paper that week that I had blown off my American Humanities paper. But I wrote it. It seemed too easy. I turned it in a day late. I thought I would get a B. Turns out I got an A-! I was SO happy. That was great.

My day was great. April Fool's added a little humor too. Here's some of the tricks today:

1. April in Utah with snow?
2. Everything turned upside down in my apartment- Funny/Annoying.
And the best one....

Stop told me that Thailand will be closing due to the economic demonstrations. I was so scared at first and sad. But then he said April Fools! I was relieved. And I laughed. A lot.


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oneup said...

You believed Thailand was closing? Where would it have gone??? Russia?