Saturday, October 6, 2012

7-11 and Fridays

This Friday night all of my roommates were gone. I didn't really look forward to spending the night with an empty house. I hadn't made any plans because I figured I would want some alone time. I also knew that my mission would be having a reunion. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. While I loved my mission and I liked the people in it generally, there are some people that are better to avoid. Eventually, my friend convinced me to go with him. On the way there and during the reunion we talked about life, the universe, and everything in between. He is working on the campaign for Scott Howell's Senate campaign. I haven't seen this friend in a while. We also talked about the complications that one of our mutual friends is having in his life. Life is much more complicated after more than a year of being home from a mission.

After our brief appearance at the reunion, I went grocery shopping. And then, for some odd reason, on the way home I decided to stop by 7-11. I can't tell you how many memories I have of 7-11 in Thailand. Laab burgers, Thai custard buns, Lactasoy, grilled cheese sandwiches, prik phaw potato chips. The smells and tastes of certain foods bring back vivid memories of many days. Christmas in Roi Et. Songkraan in Chiang Mai.  From the one by the church in Bangkapi, to the one at the front of our street in Ubon, Seven (as Thais call it) brings back a host of memories- some positive, others more difficult to process. Life was so much easier back then. I stopped in at Seven, got some hot chocolate, and headed home.

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