Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have lots of weaknesses. Goliaths, if you will. But one of my weakest points has got to be my ability and talent to waste time. As a return missionary, I don't feel like I am super on top of time management. I spend lots of time well, wasting time. Any suggestions on how to get more organized and use my time more effectively?


Catherine Agnes said...

I think you would first need to determine what you would rather be doing with your time. Once you are back in school it should be easier to feel you are using your time well though.

Nicole said...

Have you set some goals of things you want to do? For example what do you want to do before school starts again? Now that my life is wrapped up in taking care of children I so long for days that I could read a book or pursue a hobby. Please take advantage of the time you have when you are the only person you have to take care of. I love you. Also, be gentle with yourself as you adjust to life after a mission.