Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why I Rejoice and Mourn

This week I will leave my job at Seagull Book. I have been there since October of 2006. Ultimately, I am happy, but there are a few reasons to be sad.

Here are the reasons to mourn:

10. No Mini Missionaries.
9. No merchandising the books the way I like.
8. No sneak peeks at new releases.
7. No stickering.
6. No crazy insane product knowledge.
5. No more receiving.
4. No paycheck.
3. No free Mormony CD's.
2. No demos.
1. No Seagull 30% off list discount

But here are the reasons to rejoice.

10. Not being bound to a schedule.
9. No more awkward Seagull moments.
8. No more crazy people.
7. No more obsession over margin.
6. No more working alone.
5. No more stress over where the box for the porcelain figurines are.
4. No more organizing the hideous discount tables.
3. No more Downeast Basics.
2. No more Downeast Basics.
1. No more Downeast Basics.

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