Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Muckross House and

My luggage didn't appear to be coming, so I decided to call the airlines this morning. We still don't have a cell phone for the group since we aren't quite sure what to do. They anticipated that it would be on the flight today, so I told them to send it to Killarney. The breakfast we had was toast and cereal. I went to Tesco (gave me flashbacks of Thailand's Tesco Lotus ("Lotus" for short) and bought a bottle of water and a Crunchie. I couldn't resist the Crunchie! It's been years. It was just as nice as I remember it. Today we went around the Dingle Peninsula. The view was incredible! The rocks of Ireland are not to be missed. We stopped by a statue of Jesus on the cross to get some pictures. We got some great pictures.

We stopped for lunch in Dingle. Two words: tourist trap. I like fish and chips, but I felt like the prices were geared towards tourists, so I skipped the fish and chips and headed to the local market to make myself some sandwiches and eat that with some produce. It was much cheaper than anyplace out in Dingle.

 We also went to Muckross House today. Muckross House was a house that Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert stayed in during a brief trip to Ireland shortly before Albert's death. They informed the owners of the house that they would be visiting six years in advance. I cannot imagine if someone told me that  I was amazed. It was interesting to see how that small segment of the rich Irish society lived. We were there for a little bit before we went to Ross Castle. I didn't go in since they didn't have room for all of us, but we didn't miss anything. Everyone left Ross Castle fairly underwhelmed.

After all of this, we checked in to the hostel and had dinner at a local pub. Everything is going well. I have been trying to figure out my bags fiasco for about an hour and a half, but besides that, things are good. I will try to update when I can. As for now, I need to get some rest and get to bed.

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