Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The First Blog in a Long Time

I haven't blogged very much lately. My days have mostly been occupied by: fitting myself for my new my suit, buying shoes, getting new orthodics, preparing for everything in general, and stressing about how little time I have left. It's kind of a stressful time of life. Leaving this far away for the first time is pretty scary. The furthest I have ever lived away from home was my recently completed freshman year in Provo. And that was only an hour away. I am now going someplace that is 8, 148 miles away. Excited? More than I could ever express. Scared? Yes. But I feel like I can do it. 

This is kind of neat. I have known this for a while but I think I will share it today. Thailand was dedicated by President Hinckley for the preaching of the Gospel on November 2nd 1966. Anyone know what Novemeber 2nd is? That's my birthday! What a joy! And ironic. 

Here's a few happinesses. 

1. Thai food with friends yesterday. Laughter and everything good about friends. 
2. Theological discussions- theodicy. 
3. Thailand. 
4. Family. 
5. Getting endowed today. 
6. Sleep. And lots of it. 
7. My brother's sour cream blueberry coffee cake. I am obsessed with blueberries. 
8. Thailand. 
9. Missouri trip! I am going to get back those lands of inheritance if it's the last thing I do! (Clearly this is in jest)
10. Waking up at 11 and blogging. 

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oneup said...

First of all, the MTC where you'll actually be going soon is roughly the same distance from home as your Provo residence will be. Forget not, you will be there long enough to learn all the tricks and then get bored with them.
Second, I hope your orthotics work. I got some before my mission and the left one wound up busting my foot instead of fixing it. Stuff like that usually only happens to me, though. I wish you much orthotic joy.