Monday, March 3, 2008

My Second 1st Post

There is something therapeutic about blogging. I think the purpose of this blog has and will continue to change. Sometimes I think it might be nice to muse in a public forum without any fear of backlash from the people of which I speak. I will try not to speak ill of people, as I am trying to be a good Christian, but sometimes there are those instances where I cannot stay silent forever.

Today is a prime example. In Seminary, we had a very interesting discussion about the power of music. Being involved in a class where most of the people are Deaf proves to be tricky at times. Later, my teacher Sister Sweetheart (I adore this teacher but at times she is a bit too uptight for my tastes) proceeded to show us the journal of a young girl who died on Valentine's Day from spinal meningitis a few years ago. Needless to say, I found something troubling about several things. I don't know that I would want my journal to be the object of public scrutiny. This girl, while bearing sweet and reassuring testimony of Christ, also used gay marriage as a sign of the times. The most disturbing thing was the sentence that followed. She said "their feelings (referring to Gays and Lesbians) are just 'not right'"

While I do not necessarily support their lifestyle, I feel that in this life, we are not ones to judge how others rule their lives, and we must love others at all times and in all places. God must be our judge.

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Hildegarde Cloverleaf said...

Amen brother! It's good to know there are like minded souls in Utah.